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My Food Philosophy (for inspiration and to learn about me)

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My Food Philosophy (for inspiration and to learn about me)

radical.alchemy No Comments

During the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program, the first thing we were encouraged to do was think about our food philosophy. This is a great thing to reflect on to make sure the way you eat aligns with your values and is a more mindful practice! It’s great to refer back to when you feel a bit lost or discouraged as well. Here’s what I came up with and the perspective you will see me blogging from.

Nourish my body and soul with ethical, from-scratch, real foods that are inspired by listening to my needs

Nourish body – To nourish my body, foods should meet the needs of my body, be as local and organic as possible, and GMO free.

Nourish soul – To nourish my soul, food should be colourful and fun, with flavour that makes my taste buds sing. My soul adores food so delicious and pure that it’s almost a spiritual experience. Oh She Glows, Fork and Beans, Minimalist Baker, and Vegan Richa’s blogs and cookbooks are good examples of this!

Ethical – Everyone has a different set of ethics and it makes us feel good to live in a way that aligns with our ethical values. My food is cruelty-free, with minimal impact on the environment and workers, and doesn’t help corporations profit. Documentaries like Food Choices and Cowspiracy give a good overview of ethical considerations. It was game-changing for me when Undiet asked us to consider who our food purchases are profiting. I want the Earth, the farmers, and myself to profit from my choices!

From-scratch – This is the only way to have total control over your food. It’s also a great way to limit your indulgences and break processed food addictions. In the documentary series Cooked by Michael Pollan, they discuss the many benefits of cooking everything ourselves.

Real – Real foods are whole foods that haven’t been synthesized in a lab or created in a factory. For produce, they’re ideally grown locally or by me.

Listen to your needs – Everyone has unique bodies with unique needs! Being mindful of this could include anything from the more obvious things like noticing food sensitivities, paying attention to more subtle cues from your body like low energy, or to the emotions associated with eating. I have IBS and a number of food sensitivities so for me personally I need to eat gluten free, vegan, soy free, and almond free.

I certainly have days where I don’t follow this perfectly but this is what I strive for!

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About Me

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