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Fresh Flower Pendulum (DIY Tutorial)

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Fresh Flower Pendulum (DIY Tutorial)

radical.alchemy No Comments

I was reading an herbal book that casually mentioned making a flower pendulum and I knew I had to make one too! The book said to just tie string around a flower but it didn’t hang straight for me so I wanted to try out different ways to do it. In case you haven’t heard of pendulums before, they’re often used for divination and dowsing.

For this experiment, I chose a delicate flower (Petunia), and medium-sized flower (Rose of Sharon), and a more substantial flower (Dahlia). Pendulums should have a bit of weight to them but Petunias are so pretty that I had to try one anyway!

For the Petunia and Dahlia (if it’s not a Dahlia, feel free to correct me in the comments!), it was possible to tie the knot so that it was under the sepals. I thought this would help make sure the knot stayed on. Rose of Sharon was a bit different so I’ll explain both ways.

I have no idea how these will be when they dry! They’re really quick to make so even if they have to be used fresh, it’s still worth doing. I wouldn’t make Petunia again because it’s just too delicate and light. As it wilts, it hardly weighs anything.

For all pendulums you’ll need:

  • A flower
  • 3 strands of embroidery thread (as long as you’d like)

Petunia/Dahlia Flower Pendulum

  • Tie a slip knot so that it goes around the base of the stem and under the sepals. I left the end long so that if necessary, it can be tightened if the stem shrinks as the flower dries. I’ll cut that part after it’s dried.
  • Move the strings so they fall where they would naturally, as if you were going to braid.
  • Take the outer two strings and use them to make a regular knot on the other side of the slip knot (so all the strings aren’t in one place).
  • Divide the 3 strings so that they’re somewhat spread out and put them between the sepals

  • ¬†Straighten out the 3 strings and tie a knot around the stem. We did all this to try to make the flower hang straight!
  • Make a second knot near the end of the stem. Add a third knot at the very end so that it will be a good place to start braiding.
  • It’s hard to braid without damaging the flower! I stuck the edge of my Jambox on the stem so it would stay in place. Braid until your desired length.
  • ¬†
  • Tie a knot at the end of the braid. I did my knot so that a bit of braid was in it. Cut the ends if you want or leave them long so you can attach stuff and jazz it up, if it calls to you.
  • ¬†

Rose of Sharon Flower Pendulum

  1. Make a knot around the stem and pull it really tight. Make a second knot (with all the strings together) around the other side of the stem and pull it tight.
  2. Make a third knot with the last bit of the string in the centre so that the flower will hang straight. I should have started with a longer end so it’d be easier to work with! Trim the short end.
  3. Braid the strings. My stem wasn’t long enough to rest anything on so I tried to gently keep the flower between my knees as I pulled a tiny bit to braid. This got easier as it was longer.
  4. When you’ve braided it to be as long as you’d like, tie a knot and trim the end if you’d like, or keep it long.

Add Magic to Flower Pendulums

  • Flowers and colours have different meanings so you can look up their correspondence/symbolism/folklore if you’re creating one of these with an intent in mind
  • Weave in your intent as you braid
  • Consider the moon cycle or astrology when you pick the flowers

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