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Flower Essences

What are flower essences?

Flower Essences are an amazing energetic tool that uses the vibrational or energetic qualities of flowers imprinted into water to store their magical energy. If you’re familiar with crystals, it’s a similar idea as crystal water. Basically, flower essences capture the energy that flowers want to share with us in a way that allows easier usage and storage!

Flowers have so many super supportive and uplifting properties that can help us on an energetic level if we work together with them. Each flower has a unique energetic profile or personality of sorts that helps us most with a particular aspect of our lives or a goal. Try scrolling down to my catalogue and looking at the pictures to see which plant is calling to you! Likely that’s a plant ally whose gifts you could use in your life right now.

Often flower essences are used just for healing but I think their energy is useful for a variety of purposes and we shouldn’t limit ourselves to just healing! I find them to be useful for any kind of energy work.

About flower essences

How do you make your flower essences?

I make all my flower essences with vibrant plants I meet around me. I use respectful and substainable foraging practices and don’t take from endangered plants. I believe that each plant’s unique environment helps contibutes to its energy and I take that into consideration for how its essence can be used.

After thanking the plant for sharing and taking a small amount of flowers, I leave the water and blossoms together in the sun until the essence feels strong. I have a ritual for bottling meant to call in the plant spirit for our healing while also giving thanks again. I set the intent that the flower essence will only work with us for our highest good.

For blends, sometimes I make them on significant dates like specific points of the moon cycle or on a particular holiday for an extra energetic boost. If you’d like yours made on a particular day, send me a note!

How do I use them?

Traditionally flower essences are taken under the tongue but due to Health Canada regulations, I can’t advise internal usage. However, there’s still so many other excellent options: rub on accupressure points; use on energy centres like chakras, enhance energy work (like spells) or energy healing; use in room sprays or perfumes; and add to lotions, toners, or scrubs right before use (due to water content, we have to be careful about spoiling products by adding flower essences in advance)

My recipes using flower essences

Cleansing Room Spray with Flower Essences

DIY Facial Toner + Flower Essences

DIY Aloe Honey Mask

Herbal Face Scrub (Single Jar DIY Template)

How much do I use?

For dosing, I follow Asia Suler’s recommendations from the Intuitive Plant Medicine Program. There are 3 strengths: mother, stock, and dosage. Mother is the strength of the essence when its first made. For stock strength, the mother is diluted. For dosage strength, the stock essence is even further diluted.

The level of dilution is said to affect the energetic effects you’ll get. I send out stock strength bottles so if you find it too intense, or feel like you’re needing more gentleness, or if you’re doing more subtle work, you can dilute to dosage strength. But on a more practical level using a dosage bottle makes your essences last much longer!

I tend to use dosage strength if I’m using it on my body and stock strength if it’s for something like room sprays or spell work.

Single essences currently available

Ontario Goatsbeard helps a healthy sense of rebellion and the willingness to push back when it’s necessary, even if no one else has our back or understands our path. It helps our resolve to do what’s right and what’s needed. I got the word ‘steely’.

Tamarack is great for root chakra work . It helps us feel grounded and supportive while there is a slow unfurling of change or transformation. A safe base for healing to begin. While not technically a flower, the bud certainly looks like one and has strong energy to share.

Fleabane helps clear up subtle energy body imbalances and blocks. It helps gently sever ties to that which doesn’t serve us anymore. Delicately helps us find freedom from our burdens

St John’s Wort is a light shining in the darkness. that light can protect, help you recharge, or lead the way out of darkness

Black Eyed Susan is excellent for shadow work & exploring shadow self. illuminating that which is hidden from us. helps us become our best self

Thistle pierces through blocks and ego while also providing protection. i get the impression it may not be as subtle as some other options. also helps with courage and letting go of fear that holds us back

Pink Wild Rose is a blanket of gentle love from a resilient af plant. My great uncle hated the rose bushes so much that he tried to burn them. Yet they are still thriving!

Self-Heal is great for encouragement for healing of all sorts. I view it as sort of the clear quartz of flower essences – great for amplifying the healing of other flower essences and also amazing on its own. Jack of all trades. Beneficial for all of the chakras and balancing the energetic body.

Chicory helps us with healthier and more pure love patterns. It helps us let go of unproductive behaviours like manipulation and control. It’s a gentle process but don’t let it fool you – Chicory is tough and can survive in the most unlikely places, like love. Chicory is good for the heart chakra.

Blends currently available

Intuition helps with opening yourself to intuition in a way that still feels safe and grounded or giving your intuition a bit of a boost. Excellent for meditation, spell work, divination support, and working on the crown/third eye chakras. I also use it for dream work. Each bottle contains one drop of rain that fell on Samhain, when the veil between the worlds are thinnest. Click for Etsy link

Protection helps you feel rooted and safe. I love this blend in room sprays because I feel like it’s good at protecting us from negative energy and helping to clear what’s in the room, like burning incense. This blend is also great for spell work or the root chakra. I like to do a visualizing of the thorny parts of the plants shielding my energy after rubbing a drop on my wrists. Click for Etsy link

Resiliency blend helps us rediscover our inner strength and resiliency. The weeds I used for this grow in the most improbable places and thrive nonetheless! If you find yourself thinking you’re having problems thriving in your current circumstances, turn to these weedy badasses for a reminder that you’re resilient and you got this!

Learn more about flower essences

For understanding how water can store the imprint of flowers – Secret of Water documentary

For learning more about working with flower essences – Flowerevolution by Katie Hess

For using flower essences for acupressure – Floral Acupuncture by Warren Bellows

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