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DIY Knit Kombucha Sweater Cozy

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DIY Knit Kombucha Sweater Cozy

radical.alchemy No Comments

My Kombucha has been cold and exposed to too much direct light due to less than ideal storage conditions. Enter the knitted Kombucha Sweater or Cozy! I saw someone in the Kombucha Nation Facebook group post a sweater her grandma made her for her brew. It inspired me to make my own! I have no idea if it actually helps maintain temperature but at least it helps with light. I’ll explain what I did because jars come in all different sizes and you can easily adapt it to the size of your jar. It’s more of a recipe than a pattern.

This is really easy to do and it only took me a few hours because I used super bulky yarn (Lion Brand Wool Ease) and size 15 circular needles (Knit Picks Interchangeable Set with the shortest cable). I love the look of bulky straight knitting but you could go wild and add cables, stripes, or embroidery cross stitch style with yarn to jazz it up.

I started with the super scientific method of taking a string and wrapping it around the circumference of my jar around the bottom and cutting the string so I wouldn’t have to find my ruler. It had the added bonus of being portable. I cast on until it looked like I had enough stitches to match the length of my measuring string. My first sweater was too baggy because of this. Rule #1 of knitting: swatch and gauge! Cast-ons are deceptive!

The ill-advised string thing

I knit until it looked like my row was right underneath the spout. In the next row where I wanted the hole for the spout to be, I cast off 3 stitches like I was doing a buttonhole. In the next row in the same spot, I cast on 3 stitches exactly like you would for a 2 row buttonhole. If you use smaller needles and a different weight of yarn, you’re on your own for this bit since it’ll likely be different. The row after that, I knitted the cast on stitches like normal and kept going until the cozy/sweater was long enough. Cast off, weave in ends, and add pretties!

Because I neglected my gauge, as I mentioned, it ended up being too baggy for the jars I had intended it for. Luckily I have Kombucha brewing in bigger jars too! You can see here that the spout is lower on this jar so the hole isn’t in quite the right spot and this jar is shorter. I cast on 49 stitches which ended up being perfect for this jar. I can also see that for my thinner jars, I’d need to cast on about 4 less stitches for a better fit. However, I will measure before I attempt my next one! This sweater will serve as a swatch. I’d measure around my jar properly with a fabric measuring tape, see how many stitches per inch, and then multiply them together for the number of stitches to cast on.

Since my Kombucha sweater was baggy on the thin jars and I forgot about the wider jar, I put in a drawstring of sorts at the bottom and at the top. I did the bottom one directly into the looser and larger cast-on row stitches so the drawstring would show and be decorative. For the top one, I chose to do it below the cast-off row and went in and out every other stitch so you couldn’t see it when it was pulled tight. The bottom one ties up in the back so you don’t notice it from the front.

As you can see when it’s laid flat, it’s really rather basic! It’s a cowl with a hole in it, more or less. I was going to make another example but stripped and embroidered with the name Jun, using proper fit thanks to gauge but alas, my poor golfer’s elbow needs time to recover from this one!

You can find this on Ravelry here as well. I would love to see pictures if you make one! Post a link in the comments!

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