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DIY Aloe Honey Mask Ideas

radical.alchemy No Comments

One of my favourite things to use on my face is honey so when I saw someone post about an Aloe Honey mask, I knew I had to play around with the idea. I’ve been really loving the results! After I use it, my face feels really moisturized and smooth….

Goldenrod Adventures

radical.alchemy No Comments

In Southern Ontario, where I live, Goldenrod is abundant in August and September. I keep seeing it everywhere and hearing it call to me! In my various feeds and subscriptions, a lot of herbalists are talking about it since it’s prime Goldenrod time. The herb of the month for August in…

About Me

About Me

Hi! I'm Nicole. Welcome to my home on the web. I'm an intuitive healer located in Ontario. I work a lot with herbalism, food, energy healing, and divination as healing tools. Here you'll find me sharing my adventures, my skills, and my creations - with a bit of magic added in! Dig Deeper >



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