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Stress – 4 Worst Foods to Eat

radical.alchemy No Comments

I shared in a previous post some of my top 5 foods to eat during times of stress. There are also foods you should avoid when you’re feeling stressed because they will deplete your nutrients or cause higher levels of stress-increasing elements in our bodies. Unfortunately, these are also some…

Top 5 Foods for Stress (support your body)

radical.alchemy 1 Comment

Stress seems like an inevitable part of living in a fast-paced, ever connected world! Lifestyle changes are important but luckily there are also foods we can eat that will help support our bodies during stressful times. Eating these foods for stress will not only help minimize the damage done to…

About Me

About Me

Hi! I'm Nicole. Welcome to my home on the web. I'm an intuitive healer located in Ontario. I work a lot with herbalism, food, energy healing, and divination as healing tools. Here you'll find me sharing my adventures, my skills, and my creations - with a bit of magic added in! Dig Deeper >



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