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5 Tips for Cooking while Injured

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5 Tips for Cooking while Injured

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Cooking while injured has been on my mind as I’ve had to modify the way I do things lately. These tips are geared more for injuries involving your arms. I’m trying to heal golfer’s elbow & a pinched nerve so I have to be careful to limit strain and repetitive motions. It can get very expensive (and possibly unhealthy) buying already-made convenience foods but fear not, with some brainstorming about modifications, you can keep cooking!

cooking while injured

Here’s what’s been working for me:

Make Huge Batches

If you choose recipes that are larger, or double them, it will save you from going from the same motions over again later! As a bonus, you can freeze leftovers for when you find you can’t cook. My chili recipe makes really big batches and freezes well.

Use Frozen Veggies

I used to avoid frozen vegetables but they’re actually a respectable choice. Since they’re generally picked when they’re ripe and processed soon after harvest, they remain high in nutrients. I like using frozen diced vegetables since I can just cook with them right away. Frozen diced onions have been so useful! Grocery stores may also sell fancier fresh mixes, like for grilling, in their produce section.

Use a Food Processor

I totally overlooked one key function of my food processor: the ability to chop and shred things 😉 If you have a food processor, make friends with this feature! Any gadget you have, think about what your limitations are and if it could help out. A hand mixer/blender could help cut out repetitive mashing and mixing motions as well.

Use a Manual Vegetable Chopper

If you don’t have a food processor already, a cheaper option is a vegetable chopper. I have the style where you just press down onto a metal grid and the veggies fall chopped into a container. There’s still a bit of strain on the body but it’s more efficient than chopping yourself.

Use a Can Opener for Jars

I have a hard time with gripping things so I’m not great at opening jars. I use a can opener to push out the jar lids a bit so it’s not airtight anymore and opens much easier.

Have any other tips? Leave them in the comments!

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